Eat to Lose Weight

Eat to lose weight is a concept that seems contrary to what most people think about dieting and obesity.Recipes to Eat to Lose Weight We believe that by eating less we lose more weight, which is 100% correct, however, if there was a way to achieve the same or better results by eating more, would you be interested? Of course you can’t just start double sizing every meal and dessert and watch the pounds start automatically dropping off, but rest assured IF you follow the right steps you can eat to lose weight.

Fresh apple snackIf you start using the concept of eat to lose weight, eat three to four small meals a day along with snacks in between these meals, you will start raising your body’s metabolism. And as you constantly give your body something to burn up, it will increase its Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is the minimum amount of calories your body uses. As this rate continues to climb, it will take less and less extra effort to burn those calories that you need to burn to lose weight.

Eat to lose weight | Drink to lose weight?

Water is another one of the main essentials to losing weight. Water makes up 70% of our body and is constantly needed to flush the harmful toxins away. The less water you consume, the more toxic you are. Toxins that are stored in the body are stored in fat cells. Our body is an amazing creation, it knows when something is harmful and, it either sends it out of the body or if that is not possible, the body will put it on the outermost layer (our fat) of the body so it can’t damage any organ tissues.

Exercise is another key to effectively losing weight, and may be the hardest part, but exercise may also be the most rewarding part when you consider the benefits gained from regular exercise.  Benefits such as increased metabolism, cardiovascular health, brain and memory health, and osteoporosis prevention, are results of moderate exercise.  Make sure you get your pulse rate above 80% each time so that you really get a good workout and burn some of those extra calories. With most people this occurs after the first 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise.

The greatest benefits of cardiovascular exercise are achieved “after” the first 20 minutes.

Now these are just some basic facts about weight loss, dieting, and exercise. It all seems simple enough but every new survey that comes out shows that obesity in the United States is increasing. Billions of dollars are spent every year by people seeking a solution, and more often than not they are left disappointed. The magic weight loss pill is still not available!

And without the right foods, eat to lose weight does not work!

I am in the same boat as the majority of Americans, having reached the age where my metabolism just isn’t high enough to burn the calories, even though I eat to lose weight, the same as when I was younger. However, with all that being said, research and technology has made it easier for anyone who is serious about losing the extra pounds. After a lot of research I have found a diet program that shows you how to eat to lose weight, and I really believe it could help everyone achieve the weight loss they desire.

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