A New Eating Plan: A New Year- A New You

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A New Year will get off to a good start if you make a plan to eat healthier. A good plan consists of :

First, have a willingness to make a change in your eating diet, schedule and portions

Next, just cut down on the holiday snacking we all got in a habit of  by stocking the cabinets with healthier choices, drop the sugary stuff

Get in a routine of daily moving your body, begin a new habit of some form of exercise and diet program. Put your new choices into action!


Start the Day Off Right


We can all benefit from some new habits. You will see an immediate 5 or 6 pounds fall off in a week or two just by cutting out the sugars. Those holiday habits of snacking on the yummy sugary stuff every couple of hours needs to stop. Like I already said, the pounds will come off just by dropping the amount of sugars you consume. Limit yourself to no more than 50 grams of sugar a day for starters to give yourself a jump-start. Detox your body quicker this way.

What Can You Eat? Eat more protein. Did you know the body’s metabolism can increase 25%-30% just from having a high protein breakfast? Go ahead and have that breakfast meat and eggs. Try a piece of toast with some nut butter. Then you can have that piece of fruit portion controlled of course.


How Much Should I Eat to Lose Weight?


Quit eating such large meals. Women should eat about 4-6 ounce portions of meat with about a palm sized portion of carbohydrates, then finish your meal extras with fiber rich vegetables whatever amount you desire. Men, you can tolerate about a 6-8 ounce portion with no problem, but stick to the palm measure for your carbohydrates. The “desire” part needs to take into exception you have given your body time to feel full. Don’t fall back into that habit of eating so much.

Wait 4-6 hours between meals to give your body’s leptin receptors time to process the need to tap into your body’s fat burning reserves. Don’t go to bed and try to sleep on a full stomach. The body naturally burns fat while you sleep if you allow it to tap into those fat burning reserves.

Put the Plan Into Action


Quit making excuses to yourself. If you want to make this “your year” put your plan into action. Nobody can choose what goes into your mouth but you. Make it something healthy.  Get your body moving. Start your day with a brisk walk. No time? Take the stairs at work as often as you can. Stay at home? Run a couple laps around your neighborhood or house. Just do something! Make the changes necessary to eat well this year, and you will soon see a new you!

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