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High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training is one of the most popular workout phenomenons right now. Doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, the intensity is excellent for training your body to lose excess fat and naturally gain muscle.

Men and women alike benefit tremendously from HIIT workouts due to the change-up of aerobic/anerobic movement and “muscle confusion” while pushing the body to it’s threshold. The more intensely you move, the more the muscles become lean and perfected.

Our bodies are made to burn fat by searching for the stored fats to burn as fuel. Eating healthy prevents the store of added fat and encourages the body to burn those love handles and belly fat. If the stored fat is a big problem for you, HIIT training is your answer to burn it off.

Here are a couple of awesome HIIT workouts for beginners thanks to the awesome article in Men’s Fitness. And like the article says,

Effective HIIT training will help you torch calories, build lean muscle, lose fat, improve heart health, push your limits, and increase efficiency.

Check them out below.



Complete the following circuit four times, resting 1 minute after the burpees in each round.

Pullups: Keep full range of motion and strict form
Reps: As many as possible in 30 seconds

Jumping Jacksjumping jacks image
Reps: 60



Burpees (or Squat Thrust)
Reps: 20


burpees image


Mountain Climbersmountain climber exercise image
Reps: 45

Reps: 20-30

Front Plank
Duration: 1 min.

Jump Rope
Duration: 1 min.

Like we’ve said before, the best effects of using HIIT routines is the afterburn you get from the intense exercise long after your workout is over. Good for the body, heart, lungs, fat calories…Etc. You get the message.

The more you train with HIIT workouts the shorter you should make your rest time, and the longer you should press during the work periods. The rest periods in the two mentioned workouts is about 1 minute.  If you push, push, push for as many reps in 30 seconds, then rest for 1 minute you will feel it especially if you are just starting as a beginner. This is a good starting place. Give it a try and change up the variations to keep those muscles guessing.

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