Amazing Lemon Water For Those Cravings

Does holiday eating make you sluggish? Fudge, cookies, cakes, pies… it’s all so good and so very tempting, so we indulge. Most of us are guilty. Constant deprivation from all the treats and goodies can create a binge monster that eats everything in sight. Lemon water can put a halt to some of those cravings while helping to eliminate dehydration.

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So, reward yourself a little but with moderation, and opt for smaller portion treats when possible. Sampler sized portions can help tame overeating while satisfying those “sweet” cravings. But now, what do you do to get back on track with disciplined eating? Healthy food choices need to be on the top of the list. Getting back to lower or no sugar foods can sometimes create a withdrawal effect with cravings raging for “MORE SUGAR!” So, quench those cravings with plenty of fluids to help saturate the desire for sweets.

One of my favorite drinks for early morning or just before bedtime is lemon water. Get the recipe here. It works wonders to not only satisfy that early morning thirst but helps with belly fat loss. That’s not the half of it; 12th century records report the Egyptians used lemons for their “vast medicinal power” while the Ayurveda Indians used lemons to heal stomach issues. For centuries the Romans used lemons as a cure for all types of “poison.”

Lemons are full of uses to aide in digestion, improve and promote better sleep, and flush out bad toxins from the body. Lemons have been used for many years to soothe a sore throat, and help tone the skin used topically. But did you know lemon water can help flush the body of bacteria while promoting healing? We can treat everything from bug bites to arthritis with the amazing healing effects of lemon water.

We get ascorbic acid, or better known as “Vitamin C” from lemons. We need vitamin C on a daily basis, and lemons provide concentrated amounts of vitamin C. There are so many healthy benefits from lemons such as antioxidants, healthy carbohydrates and minerals that can be life changing. It can also help wound healing of fractures and burns.

Lemon water can pump up our immune system and provide a boost of quick energy when working out, The list of multi-benefits of lemons just keeps growing.

  • Lemons help balance the body’s pH levelslemons image
  • Boost healing
  • Prompt the elimination of bacteria
  • Improve arthritis and reduce inflammation
  • Curb hunger and cravings
  • Trigger belly fat loss
  • Help provide vitamin C
  • Promotes a strong heart

So many uses and benefits from such a small fruit can be life saving. The lemon can help control blood sugar according to studies and help our body fight cancer! That is truly amazing and definitely worth adding lemons and lemon water to your daily diet, because there is a lot to lose.

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