Psychological Effects of Creating a Habit For Weight Loss

running early morning imageDoes it sound outlandish to think creating a habit for weight loss has psychological effects on the body? Well it shouldn’t because it is absolutely true! Most folks can try “anything” for 21 days right?

You’ve probably heard it takes 21 days for a habit to develop. There is true science behind the brain changes our body goes through when we “allow” ourselves to develop a habitual routine for 21 days. The brain is capable of creating new neural pathways once it realizes a new habit has truly benefited you in a positive way. As a result, it may become easier to repeat a function daily as you develop a new habit.

The 3 Week Diet

Developing new exercise routines and better eating is no different.

  • Walking just a little further becomes a little easier and not so overwhelming.
  • Staying away from sugary foods is easier, and the taste for sweets is less tempting.
  • Exercising or stretching for 10 minutes easily turns into 15-20 minutes without even a second thought… All because your brain is adjusting to a new “habit.”

Wouldn’t it be great to get a little subconscious help moving your body a little easier, feeling a little “lighter” and basically looking a little leaner? Our brain responds when we look into the mirror or step on the scales with either a positive response or a negative reaction. Aim for positivity toward your goals! When you begin to see or feel real results your brain responds appropriately.

Don’t think for a second that old habits won’t resurface, because that old saying,  “Old habits die hard” is also true. We may develop new habits while training our mind and body to do new things for fitness’ sake, but our mind can also revert back to old habits very quickly. Habits can be lifelong, so it is important to focus on not engaging in old, bad habits. It will be much simpler to do that now that you’ve had time to create a new habit of eating and exercising in a more positive way. The positive, visible and physical results are enough to help you avoid the past mistakes.

It is very important to work on creating a more positive physical lifestyle as well as surrounding yourself with positive thoughts, friends and influencers.

Start a new habit today that makes you healthier, and feel good about yourself.

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