Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Everybody that tries to diet or eat healthy has the dilemma of deciding foods that help you lose weight instead of gain. Dieting, processed foods, pre-packaged meals or diet pills don’t usually work. Wouldn’t you rather just eat real, tasty, healthy food?

I’m sure you do just want real food, that tastes good. The motivation to lose weight is easier when foods are not so expensive or hard to find. So, let’s get to that list.

 10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

  1. Beans          Foods That Help You Lose Weight image
  2. Eggs
  3. Fresh Fruit- Pears, Apples, Grapefruit
  4. Nuts- Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans, Macadamias
  5. Lean Beef
  6. Green Tea
  7. Olive Oil, Vinegar, Cinnamon
  8. Salad
  9. Hot Red Pepper
  10. Greek Yogurt

“The best raw foods that help you lose weight are best when colorful and fresh.”

Why would I say these are foods that help you “lose” weight?

  •  Here is a little about beans – Beans are full of fiber and will help you stay fuller longer. Research has shown they may even help lower your cholesterol.
  • Eggs – Eggs are one of nature’s superfoods, rich in protein and by eating the whole egg, not just the whites, your body will feel fuller longer. As with most protein rich foods, eggs are good for muscles building.
  • Fresh Fruit  –  like pears, apples and grapefruit are fiber-packed as well and will help you avoid snacking. They also help stabilize blood sugar levels as more of nature’s perfect foods that help you lose .
  • Nuts – Walnuts, almonds, pistachios, macadamias are full of omega 3 fatty acids. This helps boost the natural metabolism which in turn helps the body burn more calories. Guess what, you will stay fuller longer eating a handful of nuts.
  • Lean Beef – The calorie-burning amino acid leucine in lean beef will help you slim down. While keeping the body fuller longer, it also helps burn more fat.
  • Green Tea – Not only does green tea help curb hunger, but studies have shown it helps lower bad LDL cholesterol levels. Green tea can be one of those “go-to” foods that help you lose weight in the middle of the day. Sure it contains caffeine, but the decaffeinated kind has been shown to not have as favorable results.
  • Olive Oil, Vinegar and Cinnamon – For a metabolism booster choose olive oil to help you burn calories. Vinegar has long been known for it’s ability to ease digestion, but did you know it too can help decrease the blood sugar spike after eating high carb foods. Cinnamon can do that too and can help control hungry spells after eating because of the dreaded insulin spikes.
  • Salad – It is no apparent surprise salad is filling and keeps your dinner slimming and has long been known as the perfect diet food. But did you know there are some vitamin benefits as well? Iceberg lettuce doesn’t have the benefits of a good Romaine. Remember to keep those high calorie salad dressings to a reasonable serving amount or you might just gain weight with a loaded salad. Bye, bye croutons!
  • Hot Red Pepper – I really don’t recommend dieting with one of the popular “red pepper diets” that have become so popular, but the capsaicin it contains is a true appetite suppressant. Season up with it occasionally and reap the benefits.
  • Greek Yogurt – Greek yogurt is packed with protein so, you stay fuller longer and get all the benefits protein rich foods supply. Full of probiotics for better digestion and lower in sodium and carbohydrates than it’s regular yogurt cousin. Both are still good foods that help you lose weight, but I just like the creamier Greek. Snack it up with some fruit for a smoothie, or blend up a healthy sauce to go with dinner.

So see, eating well can be yummy, as well as easy to acquire from your local supermarket. Organic is good, but to lose weight you don’t have to go completely Organic. If you eat these foods, you will drop some pounds and get healthier along the way.

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