High Intensity Belly Fat Burner Routine

What is HIIT?

High intensity interval training, or HIIT for short is a style of intense training that works at keeping the heart rate up while your body burns more fat. These intervals are quick, high bursts of exercise followed up by short rest periods where resting ….well, sometimes just doesn’t happen.  If you do rest, it doesn’t mean you stop, you may simply stay active but slow down for a bit. workout fairy imageAnother thing, most of these intervals can be done without any equipment or weights. So, HIIT is my recommended form of movement and exercise to burn that fat!

Wow! Kelli, at FitnessBlender.com has put together an awesome video for a belly fat burning, high intensity, interval training.

Check it out below:


How Do I Start?

It is not recommended for the faint of heart or for those of you not used to stretching out those muscles and moving to jump into a fast, high intensity exercise. Start simple and slowly at first with an exercise regimen. Work your way up to a few minutes to several minutes. Add more intensity as the days go. After a while, a few weeks maybe, a person not used to exercising can suddenly begin to feel the stamina to carry on at a faster pace with more intensity. These are simply suggestions to help you ease into exercising without hurting yourself.  If you are used to exercising, by all means go for this awesome fat burning set of intervals.

When Repetition is Not Best

Our body becomes aware of movement and likes repetition. That is why it is easier for a dancer or musician to flawlessly perform after much practice. The same applies to exercise routines, but getting  “essentially stuck” into a “routine” doesn’t do the body the most good. Short bursts of intervals that keep the body guessing more quickly burn fat and cause the body to gain muscle much quicker than going to a boring exercise class that repeats the same movements over and over.

To keep the body reaching for how to cope with all those intervals the brain teaches those muscles to respond to “surprise movements” or intense interval exercises. In return, you gain balance, stability, stamina, muscle, and burn fat like crazy.

Don’t let your good eating habits die with not knowing what to do with body movement – start exercising. Do it for good health, do it for yourself, do it for LIFE!

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