High Intensity Workout Benefits

frog partners stretching imageHigh Intensity workouts are beneficial to the mind and body. Interval workouts modified to keep the body guessing work best in my book. Putting together a series of different workouts that use a rotation of the exercises without a long rest period burn fat and trigger afterburn that keeps burning fat long after the workout is done. Shoot for a series that works the whole body.

Check out this awesome chart from Fitwirr.com for a total body workout.

25-min-hiit-workout image

Everyday try and add a variance to your workout and shoot for the intensity to flow without long rest periods. The fat will begin to melt right off. This is a great introduction for some moves you can change up for a total body workout.

Before you know it you’ll be melting off the layers and a trim, fit you will emerge!

Check out the link: 25-min-hiit-workout
 for a nice printout.

Don’t get overwhelmed with thinking you have to do this full 25 minute workout to start. If you can do one cycle through, it’s a good start. This particular total body workout is 25 minutes at minimum and cycles through 3 sets at a time of about 7 1/2 – 8 minutes.

If you make the effort to do this cycle one time you will have turned on some fat burning muscles you didn’t know you had. The body will respond and next time you will be able to do more without much additional effort.

It is so important to stay motivated by not getting so sore you give up. If you’ve just started exercising, pace yourself. If you’ve been at it a while and non of these exercises look new to you then you will enjoy this set of interval moves, so ramp it up with more intensity and turn on that fat burning furnace!

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