Lemon Water Detox

Get hydrated, and try your hand at some healthy lemon mint water to detox and fat flush your body.

Oooh, soothing mint and lemon water has such a cooling, saturating effect on the body. Read more about how lemons are so theraputic for the body inside and out. 

Here is one way to enjoy a cool, soothing and re-hydrating lemon detox drink to keep you on track for fat loss. Check out the recipe below for my fat flushing, rehydrating lemon water detox:


Lemon Mint Water Detox Drink lemon mint detox image

1 large lemon

1 small sprig of fresh mint

Plenty of water


In a large quart jar place the lemon cut up with a sprig of fresh mint. I like to pull the leaves off whole and maybe cut up 1. Fill the jar with ice about half way and fill with water. Sip on the lemon mint water throughout the day and refill as needed to reach a goal of hydrating your body to it’s proper level. Aim for half as many ounces of water as your body weight. Example: You weigh 150 lbs, aim to hydrate with 75 ounces of water – 75 is half of 150. (Need more fat burning tips and motivation? Read more about that here.)

Staying hydrated has so many awesome benefits for the body.

  • more beautiful skin
  • ability to think clearer
  • fewer headaches
  • helps the body to stay full longer
  • reduces cravings

…just to name a few benefits.

Alternative Options to Try:

  • If you suffer from body cramps or arthritis you may benefit from adding a teaspoon of turmeric to a small glass of warm lemon water early in the morning and late at night. I can attest to the benefits of this recipe. I do like to make it small shots- not crazy about the taste when I add turmeric.
  • Try a cold brew adding a green tea bag. Reap the benefits of green tea while you’re at it.
  • Simply substitute or add lime instead of just lemon.

Get hydrated, and try your hand at some healthy lemon mint water to detox and fat flush your body. If you have a hard time staying hydrated because you frankly hate to drink water, then these options will provide a little flavor and pizzazz to your water. Drink UP!

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