Most Effective Diet?–It’s Your Choice

But read on for my candid look …

With all the diet plans available, how does the average person know which one is the most effective diet to choose? Keeping this point in mind, here are some facts about the most popular diets today with a few details about how they work. No one diet is going to work for every person the same way. Compare the diet plans you are most interested in before you decide.

What is the most effective diet, really?

Low carb living is still a popular choice for many. One  most are familiar with is the “Atkins Diet“. One of the biggest factors that caused uproar within the medical community about this high protein diet caused followers to experience high ketosis levels. This diet is probably not the most effective diet to follow long term since carbohydrates are so limited along with minimal calcium rich dairy servings. Now with the many choices of sugarfree almond milks available getting your daily dose of calcium is much easier than you think.

The consensus is the healthy body needs good, complex carbohydrates. Personally, the diet worked for me to lose pounds, but I could not tolerate the shakes, artifically sweetened snacks and the aches and diarrhea associated with their use. You can certainly avoid these items. Artificial sweeteners are NOT good for you so, this is where you substitute the shake with a high calcium almond milk base.

Wouldn’t We all be happier if we could just learn how to lose belly fat?

Since then, the basis for more popular diets focuses on the loss of visceral fat or what we know most commonly as how to lose belly fat. The “Flat Belly Diet” makes a bold promise of a 15 pound weight loss in 32 days. Sound unrealistic? Well, while exercise is encouraged but not required dieters claim the secret is adding a monounsaturated fat to every meal.

The “sassy water” they drink made from a special group of herbs, spices and cucumber is implemented during the jump start period. While it is true the effects of this diet plan has its bonuses, and is worth a read, one must decide is it possible to continue as a “way of eating” permanently.

Read on for the most effective diet to learn how to lose belly fat!

I think limiting sugar servings from our adult diets is only a healthy thing. Jorge Cruise has a “Belly Fat Cure” that boasts a 15/6 sugar to carbohydrate serving per day. Plainly, 15 grams of sugar per day is the limit one should consume while the carbohydrate servings are limited to 6 per day, each serving not being over 20 grams of carbohydrates. That totals out to about 120 grams of carbohydrates consumed in a day.

The particulars of the “Belly Fat Cure” are easy enough to understand. Honestly, this plan is not too difficult to follow, and I have personally had great success with this general concept. Some of the benefits I have received are:

  • less aches and inflammation from my RA (rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Obvious weight loss, 20 pounds to date
  • More sound sleep
  • More alertness during the day- less “foggyheaded” feeling
  • More energy than I have had in years
  • Despite my Eu-thyroid Condition (No Thyroid Gland since surgery) I am still able to lose weight.

Combined with a good understanding of foundational, nutritious foods this is a good plan. Absolutely perfect if you just want to lose those inches off your waist! If I can do it, I know you can.

“The most effective diet must be one you can fully commit to.”


Any amount of excess weight lost is a bonus to your overall health. The diet options mentioned here give you an idea of what each of these diets are like. Changing up eating habits with a new “diet plan” can give the body a boost to lose weight. Don’t be discouraged from trying a new plan if you figure out you can’t follow it for life. Remember, any weight lost is a benefit.
There is no magic pill, or perfect diet that works for everybody. Why do you think there are so many options out there?

Finally, the choice is ultimately up to you whether you can discipline yourself to follow a healthier choice for living. The alternative can lead to heart disease, diabetes, or the multitude of problems associated with the symptoms of these common diseases.

Why talk about so many different diet approaches? While I recommend reading them all, the beneficial information from these closely associated plans discussed here can be gleaned and used to help you fine tune your lifetime eating plan. The most effective diet must be one you can fully commit to.

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