Sensible Weight Loss Plan

How do you choose a sensible weight loss plan with all the “diet plans” out there?

When you stray away from a regular diet that includes all the food groups you usually get an unbalanced eating plan. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are all essential to a well rounded weight management program.

Stress affects weight loss…

Emotional stress of yo-yo dieting is tough to handle. How many timesSensible Weight Loss Plan image have you tried to lose a few pounds just to see them slowly creep back on? The BMR or base metabolic rate is the rate at which the body burns calories at rest. If you will make eating changes slowly, and not starve the body this will help trick the BMR so it does not slow down.

Choose wisely…

Since everybody is different, the same food plan may not be as effective for everyone. A well rounded, sensible weight loss plan should be capable of being adjusted to fit you. Personal preference is to stay away from the pre-packaged foods for dieters. These are wasted money spent because a lot of them honestly taste like cardboard. Have you ever tried to force down one of those “low-cardboard” I mean low-carb energy bars? Yuck! I’d rather be hungry!

Don’t be hungry…

The best way to control your hunger is to obviously, feed the body. There is a way to stay full, and not overeat. Try eating more often, even up to six times a day. Choose well balanced meals and some sensible snacks in between the meals. Drink plenty of water, at least one ounce per two pounds of body weight, and adjust it more if you are overexerting or exercising.

About the exercising…

Preferably everyday you should get at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. The body generally begins to burn calories after the first 20 minutes of exercise. Incorporate some light weights to increase the rate at which the body burns the calories. If you find exercising everyday is too taxing on you then start with every other day and work up to what is best for you, your schedule and your results. You will see results with the Dukan Diet, so get ready!

Ultimately, what makes the body lose weight is burning more calories than take in. If you can chart what you eat in a day, then a week and take a look at the calories taken in it will give you an idea of how many calories you regularly consume. Begin here, and take in fewer calories by making smarter choices. There are tons of those little 100 calorie snacks available as opposed to the hundreds in a candy bar for starters. Just be sure to watch your intake of trans fats, sugars and cholesterol.

“A well rounded, sensible weight loss plan should be capable of being adjusted to fit you.”

Billions of dollars are spent every year on books, videos, products, pills and such other gimmicks to help desperate dieters lose those pounds. Be aware when you see these “too good to be true” offers that include a product or plan you know you can’t keep up. Not only does this type of habit usually cost too much, but it is impossible to make it a change of lifestyle to live by. I mean you do want something you can continue, right?


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