What is Bulking Doing To You?

First, what is bulking?

Bulking, as we’ve already mentioned, is consuming more calories than you’re burning on a daily basis. While protein accounts for a solid amount in size of your meals, carbohydrates will be your #1 calorie source (by a mile) if you’re adhering to a bulking protocol.

This is beacause carbohydrates are the least metabolically active calorie. That is, it’s very easy for your body to break down carbs in order to produce energy.

When you eat a plate of pasta, you’ll almost immediately feel a boost in energy, which is then followed by a crash. This spike in energy has to do with insulin, but I’m getting ahead of myself here. Back to bulking.

So how does bulking negatively effect your lean muscle gains?

It does so through a very unproductive cycle.

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